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The pattern for this quilt is one of two Thank You gifts for buying a raffle ticket

This is a Thank You gift for buying a raffle ticket

Have you ever been on a shop hop? Shop Hoppers buy a passport and then travel to 11 different shops, entering for door prizes and receiving patterns for shop hop project along the way. When the passport has been stamped by all eleven shops, the hopper receives a finishing gift and becomes eligible to win one of three awesome gift certificate packages, collectively valued at over $2500! Passports and shop hop bags are available now for only $5 at the Quiltbug shop. Our Shop Hop is happening May 19 – 22.


If you plan to visit the Quiltbug shop any time during the shop hop, be sure to give the person behind the register (usually me) the secret password “beehive”. (Don’t share it with anyone, it’s our secret!) The meaning of this password will become clear once you enter the shop:-))


For those of you that can’t make it to the shop, mention the secret password in the special comments section of the order form when you order from We will send you a little surprise with your order.


Again this year we will be collecting cans of food for the local food pantry. You will also be able to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis GREAT STRIDES walk by sponsoring me in my walk on May 22. This happens to be my granddaughter Ella’s third birthday. (Ask me about my granddaughter. Go ahead, I dare you:-)) As you might have guessed, my little Ella was born with CF and I am *determined* that she will outlive me. If you are not local and would like to help me raise funds for research,our Team LaLa page is here: The picture on that page was taken during her latest hospitalization in April. She finally got to eat something!


I am also sponsoring a raffle quilt called Phoenix Rising to raise funds for her medical bills. It features the dragons that are going to slay CF! It has bamboo/silk batting and is quilted in flames. The picture is here: Tickets are $5 each and only 200 will be sold. As a thank-you for buying a ticket, I will send you the pattern for my latest quilt, Roller Coaster. The name refers to the roller coaster of health issues and emotions faced by CF children and their parents. I will also send you the patterns shown at To buy a ticket and get a free pattern, click here.





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