Still Baking?

Are you up early (or late) doing your Christmas baking? Check out the recipes on this website

EverSoEasy Fruitcake

EverSoEasy Fruitcake

The fruitcake recipe pictured above has been my favorite for years – what is your favorite recipe?

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One Comment On “Still Baking?”

  1. Jeannette in NJ

    I know there are many jokes about fruitcake, but I have one I really enjoy.

    My favorite fruitcake is made by Claxton, the label has a horse drawn wagon on it. Have not been able to find it to buy in stores the past few years and have stopped trying other brands as they are just not as good. I did do some internet research and learned that Claxton now sells them as a fund raiser but have not found anyone in my area selling them.

    I think I will try this recipe. Thanks.

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