Still Sewing?

Donna Lawicki, a Quiltersbee member from Michigan, gave me permission to share this poem with you. She uses it on her label.


The Little Quilt
I’ve made this little quilt for you,
To bring you some holiday cheer.
And every time you take it out,
You’ll know that I am near.
Use it to warm your chilly toes,
On a cold,and drafty night.
Or drape it on the dinner table,
To make your party festive & bright.
Then again, you might just decide,
To put it down and skirt your tree.
A special touch for Christmas Eve,
Color galore for “Santa” to see.
Now my eyes have gone bad,
And the brain’ is a little slow.
But this persistent, stubborn Mom,
Continues to want to sew.
The quilting isn’t always perfect
Lines not quite straight on every row.
But “each stitch” was made with LOVE,
I just wanted you to know!
May you have many happy holidays!

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